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Like there are so many application tools available, Metis believes that database monitoring and observability fits the new era where developers are accountable for everything related to their database. From pre-deployment validation, monitoring, to the final troubleshooting.
We believe developers deserve better tools to perform their database related activities.

Metis is the only platform you need for making sure your database code and your production databases work well and scale well. No matter if you want to make sure your code will work properly in production, or if you want to build a solid CI/CD pipeline protecting you from breaking the production, or if you already have a database that you want to monitor and troubleshoot - Metis is the ultimate answer. We cover all your software development lifecycle. We plug right into the coding phase when you implement your code changes and prepare migrations. We analyze your database in unit tests, end-to-end tests, load tests, either run locally or in your CI/CD pipeline. We monitor your production server to gather historical data, aggregate statistics, find performance issues before they affect your customers, and alert you early when something may break. We provide full context, analysis and solutions  when something goes wrong, so you can root cause the issue without the need for any other tool.

We believe that not identifying the problems before production is not an option. We don’t accept the current state of the industry in which developers can’t reliably tell whether their changes will break the database or decrease the performance, and they need to run load tests or even test in production to find out. We raise awareness of this issue, and we build all the necessary platforms to change the world.

We develop database guardrails. We provide tools for every part of the software development lifecycle:

  • Solutions for web servers, databases, and ORM libraries to enhance the observability and monitoring
  • Automated checks for CI/CD pipelines
  • Monitoring databases in terms of performance, security, schema changes and data quality
  • Automated troubleshooting with static and dynamic analysis
  • Seamless integration with developers’ tools and environments

We believe in the following:

  • Developers first - we want the developers to be the first users of the platform
  • No learning curve with full transparency - we don’t want developers to understand internals of their databases before they can use Metis, but we want to provide all the details when they want to master their craft
  • All the context at your fingertips - we want to simplify the troubleshooting by providing all the context when we identify the issue. No matter if it’s database specific, code specific, or caused by misconfiguration, we want to show all the relevant parts that may affect your business
  • Analyze early, analyze often - we want to push all the checks to the left as much as possible. We can’t wait for the problems to appear, we must prevent them

No matter what is the scale of your business, how many transactions per second your handle, or what your domain is - we got you covered. We protect your databases and make sure your infrastructure runs smoothly. We prevent the issues from happening, provide full observability, and aid all your troubleshooting throughout the pipeline.

Metis. Never go blind again.

Never worry about your
database again!

Start using Metis and get your database guardrails set up in minutes