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Basic plan
or $199 yearly
1 API Key
Query Analysis
DB Health Reports
CLI Tool
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Business plan
or $299 yearly
Up to 5 API Key
Query Analysis
DB Health Reports
CLI Tool
Query performance tests
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Enterprise plan
or $499 yearly
Unlimited API Keys
Query Analysis
DB Health Reports
CLI Tool
Test Queries in Pull Requests
Schema Migration Guard
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Metis use my data?

Metis focuses on performance and reliability of your database - no data is being used and none leaves your VPC.
We only extract performance, reliability and quality - related data such as workload statistics, tables size, and query usage from the production database, while the Dev and staging environments only send queries to Metis backend servers.

Why should I use Metis?

In today's world of GDPR and Privacy concerns it’s very difficult to test, fix, and validate anything related to the database. Metis provides you the ability to take a proactive approach by preventing problems from reaching production, giving you the context on what has caused the issue, its impact, and how you can resolve it.
With Metis you can move fast and be confident your database is safe.

Are you SOC 2 compliant?

We’re currently working on becoming SOC 2 compliant - Coming soon!

What Databases does Metis support?

Currently we support PosgreSQL, while actively working on supporting MySQL, MongoDB, and others - Coming soon!

Does Metis integrate with other tools in my workspace?

We’re working hard to integrate with the most popular platforms and companies developers use, with major APM tools, Git, CI/CD, and others already in the works.

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