Database Monitoring.
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Monitor your databases not just your host

When working within a multi-tenant environment, every host has the potential for housing multiple database instances. The Metis observability engine simplifies the process of overseeing your complete database fleet. It identifies problems with database specifics, streamlines the identification of the particular database responsible for customer disruptions, and consequently minimizes your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

A screenshot of Metis database monitoring dashboard with insights on improving database performance
A screenshot of Metis database and server observability dashboards

Drifts alerts. Get ahead of the curve

Solving problems after they affect your customers is not good enough today. Metis allows you to get ahead of the curve, detect issues as soon as they start to arise and increase your customers satisfaction and production resiliency.

Monitor your schemas and tables

Use Metis to get in depth monitoring of your tables and schemas across your entire database fleet. View changes, drifts and get observability on how your database is being used by your customers.

A screenshot of Metis monitoring database schemas and tables

Never worry about your
database again!

Start using Metis and get your database guardrails set up in minutes