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Get instant fixes to all your production queries

Use Metis to get continues analysis of all your production queries. Don't compromise on only getting alerts. Get full context on what your queries are doing, get remediation plan on all your queries. Stop all the guesswork when trying to fix your sluggish database.

Metis insights dashboard showing recommendations for database fixes
Database configuration suggestions presented by Metis dashboard

Optimize your database configuration

Understand your database configuration. Align your configuration to your database and scale needs.

Optimize your indexes with ease

With Metis index optimizer engine, you can get visualization of your index usage, what indexes are not in use, overlapping indexes and much more. Get suggestions on how to improve your indexes types and structure.

Database indexes optimization suggestions list by Metis
Full schema observability insights provided by Metis dashboard

In depth observability of your database tables

Your database health and performance is not only about queries. Metis continuously analyzes your database schema, alerts you on issues with your schema and suggests solutions for your schema problems. Stop wasting time doing all the tedious analysis yourself and keep your schema in check!

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