Prevent your database code from breaking production

Test, fix, and validate your database code pre-production.

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Database Code Guardrail

Metis is dedicated to empowering every developer to master their database. At Metis, we believe developers deserve better tools to understand, control, troubleshoot, fix, and own the entire data layer.

Metis' guardrail enables a proactive approach to identifying and preventing potential database code issues before they impact production.

Test on-the-fly

Check your SQL commands as if they run in production.

Fix your code

Understand what needs to be fixed and how.

Validate quickly

Push your code to production with confidence.

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Instrument Metis in your app server with only a few lines of code and analyze your dev, staging, or production database (metadata only).

Develop as you were

Use Metis in your local environment, staging, or in your CI/CD without adding any tests to your regular workflow.

Build with confidence

Understand how your code behaves, fix costly mistakes immediately, and prevent outages, SLAs, and more.

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Instantly view, analyze, understand, and fix your database code pre-production
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