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Metis database guardrails

Prevent slow queries from reaching production

Understanding your queries performance ensures that your databases and applications keep performing at the required scale. Metis projection engine gives you full visibility in the number of rows and columns that will be scanned, number of rows returned and the index usage of your query in production.

Metis dashboard showing a slow query logSlow query report by Metis suggesting prevention measures
Query optimization suggestions by MetisSlow query suggestions by Metis

Get fixes for your queries right from your dev or staging environment

Use Metis analysis engine to get fixes of your queries right from your dev or staging environment. Metis helps developers to reduce the time spend on query optimization and database health.

Understand and fix your schema migrations. Prevent unwanted mistakes

Leverage Metis schema observability and its analytical capabilities to gain a understanding of your migration process. Determine the alterations that will take place in your database, assess the potential consequences of these changes, identify any data at risk of being lost, and estimate the duration of your database’s lockout duration.

Schema migration optimization suggestions by Metis

Work as you are used to. Just add Metis on top

Adding steps to your E2E testing and development workflow is annoying. By adding the Mestis SDK, with just a few lines of code, no added steps are needed to get full visibility of your query and migration analysis. Metis analyse any DB related activity in your E2E testing and giving you full visibility on the projected performance.

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