PostgreSQL 38003

Prohibited SQL statement attempted. This error occurs when an SQL statement is attempted that is not allowed by PostgreSQL.

How It Affects Your App

The PostgreSQL 38003 PROHIBITED SQL STATEMENT ATTEMPTED error indicates that the application attempted to execute a prohibited SQL statement. This can have a significant impact on the application, as it may prevent the application from functioning properly. It can also lead to data corruption or data loss, as the prohibited statement may have been intended to modify or delete data. Additionally, the error can cause the application to crash or become unresponsive, leading to a poor user experience.

How To Fix

1. Identify the source of the PostgreSQL 38003 error:

SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity WHERE state = 'idle in transaction';

2. Check the application code for any open transactions that are not being closed properly:


3. Check the PostgreSQL configuration settings for any parameters that may be causing the issue:

SHOW max_connections;SHOW idle_in_transaction_timeout;

4. If the issue persists, check the PostgreSQL logs for more information:

tail -f /var/log/postgresql/postgresql--main.log

5. If the issue still persists, restart the PostgreSQL server:

sudo service postgresql restart

6. Finally, use an automated database observability tool to monitor and fix the PostgreSQL 38003 in question. Automated database observability tools can provide real-time visibility into the performance and health of your database, allowing you to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, these tools can provide detailed insights into the root cause of any issues, allowing you to take proactive steps to prevent them from occurring in the future.

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