MySQL 1387

This error indicates that MySQL is unable to change the logging settings due to a restriction. It is a warning that the user should not attempt to change the logging settings.

How It Affects Your App

This error indicates that the application is not allowed to change the logging settings of MySQL. This can have a significant impact on the application's ability to log and track changes to the database. Without the ability to log changes, the application may not be able to detect and respond to any malicious activity or errors that occur in the database. Additionally, the application may not be able to provide an audit trail of changes made to the database, which could be important for compliance or security purposes.

How To Fix

1. Identify the root cause of the MySQL 1387 error.SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST WHERE COMMAND = 'Sleep';
2. Check the MySQL configuration file for any incorrect settings.grep -i 'wait_timeout' /etc/my.cnf
3. Increase the wait_timeout value in the configuration file.wait_timeout=600
4. Restart the MySQL service.sudo service mysql restart
5. Check the MySQL process list to ensure the MySQL 1387 error is resolved.SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST WHERE COMMAND = 'Sleep';
6. Use an automated database observability tool to monitor and fix the MySQL 1387 in question. Automated database observability tools can provide real-time insights into the performance of the database, allowing for quick identification and resolution of any issues. Additionally, these tools can provide detailed metrics and logs to help identify the root cause of any issues.

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