Schema Suggestion with Hypothetical Indexing

July 9, 2024
Metis Team

We are excited to introduce the "Schema Suggestion" feature in Metis, a sophisticated tool designed to optimize your database's performance. This feature leverages the power of HypoPG to create and evaluate hypothetical indexes based on the execution plans of your queries. By simulating these indexes, Metis can accurately predict and recommend which indexes should be added to enhance query performance.

Upon analyzing a query, the Schema Suggestion tool not only suggests potential indexes but also provides a detailed comparison of the query's performance costs before and after the hypothetical index implementation. This allows database administrators and developers to make informed decisions based on precise data regarding how each index would impact the performance and cost-efficiency of their queries.

This feature is particularly useful for optimizing databases where the current indexing strategy may not fully align with the actual query workload. By providing targeted recommendations for index additions, the Schema Suggestion tool helps ensure that databases are structured to offer the highest possible performance while minimizing resource usage and operational costs.

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