Transform Your CI/CD Pipelines: Stop Slow Queries Before They Hit Production!

Metis: Your Real-Time Solution for Optimizing Database Performance in Development and Staging

Automated Query Optimization

Optimize queries, prevent slowdowns

Intuitive Tools for Non-Database Experts

Elevate database monitoring and performance

Real-Time Data Insights

Instant query fixes, database optimization simplified

Tired of Last-Minute Query Troubles Slowing Down Your Release?

Envision a world where slow queries are caught and optimized before they leave your development environment. Imagine how much time you save and the hassle you avoid.


Introducing Metis – Your safeguard against sluggish queries slipping through. With Metis, detect potential performance killers early in your dev environment and deploy with confidence.

Immediate Fixes for Your Queries, Directly in Your Dev Environment

Why wait for production or load testing to discover issues? Metis integrates seamlessly, offering real-time query optimization suggestions, so you can resolve problems as you code.

Schema Migration Mistakes: A Thing of the Past

Metis empowers you to understand and perfect your schema migrations, ensuring that your database changes are an upgrade, not a headache.

Prevent Unwanted Database Mistakes Without Changing Your Workflow

Embrace the ease of working with the tools you love, enhanced by Metis's protective layer that catches errors before they become costly mistakes.

Seamless Integration for the Way You Work

Keep your development process intact. Metis's unobtrusive addition to your CI/CD pipeline means you can prevent problems without any disruption to your routine.

Metis takes your database to the next level

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Use monitoring that actually helps you get ahead of your database problems. Detect schema drifts, configurations and access patterns. Dont just wait until your database performance affects your customers, Take a proactive stance by receiving alerts at the first signs of deviations, enhancing database resilience, and instilling customer assurance through optimized speed and reliability.
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